Caliper Technology

GeoSense™  Geometry/Caliper 


Our current inspection fleet ranges in size from 4” to 48”. All GeoSense™ 

geometry tools have dual and multi diameter inspection capability.


GeoSense was developed to measure dents, ovalities, the internal pipeline diameter, locate hidden third-party damages and to validate passage clearance for other inspection tools. In addition, it measures distance, wall thickness changes, girth welds and hardware such as tee’s, valves and other installations.


Pipeline integrity depends largely upon pipe wall condition. Deformations such as dents as wrinkles cause problems when using design calculations based on round pipe. By using our GeoSense™ internal geometry inspection tool, problem areas can be sized, located, dug and removed from service.


Collecting accurate information provided through pipeline records, questionnaires and detailed construction data is important prior to pigging. Understanding bends, valves, fittings, pressure and flowrates is a must in order to develop a good understanding of the piggability of the pipeline.  Our team at GeoCorr uses all of this data to thoroughly assess and prepare each tool prior to an inspection.



Dent Strain Analysis 

Ask us about our Dent Strain Analysis capablity, available for all your pipeline deformation features found throughout your pipeline

Bend Strain Analysis 

Ask us about our Bend Strain Analysis capability, available for all your bend and direction changes found throughout your pipeline

MFL Technology

GeoCorr™   MFL/Geo Inspection


With our current fleet ranging in size from 4” to 16”, we are capable of meeting your small diameter pipeline inspection needs.


GeoCorr™   MFL/Geo Inspection Technology

Combined with our high-resolution, geometry tools GeoCorr has added on it’s MFL technology. MFL sensors provide reliable coverage with .25” spacing.  The GeoCorr MFL/Geo tool employs the use of Internal vs External (IDOD) discrimination sensors to determine whether the location of metal loss is on the inside or the outside of the pipeline. 


Additionally, GeoCorr’s MFL/Geo inspection tool is 1.5 D back to back bend capable all while remaining 25% collapsible.


Calulations for Burst pressure are available in either B31G, B31G Mod (0.85) or RSTRENG format.



INS/IMU Mapping

GeoSense™  Geometry/IMU Sizes

GeoCorr’s mapping tools have an inspection fleet ranging from 6” through 42” for your inline inspection needs.


GeoSense™ Geometry/IMU Technology


GeoSense Geometry/IMU tool was developed to measure the internal pipeline diameter, locate hidden third-party damages and to validate passage clearance for other inspection tools. In addition to measuring dents, ovalities, distance, wall thickness changes, girth welds and hardware such as tee’s and valves, the IMU will report the numerical positioning for their locations.


GeoSense™ Geometry/IMU Reporting


Besides the numerical positioning files, mapping files containing the trajectory of the centerline and marker positions are generated in Google Earth format, so that users can easily view their line pipelines using Google Earth software.


With IMU capability we have added sub-meter positioning to make digs more accurate and cost effective. Positioning references can be supplied at customer defined intervals and distance or projection.


GeoCorr’s Enhanced interpretation of the IMU data provides better GIS integration and position based analysis, raster and vector maps will be collected and a GIS project will be formed in ESRI’s ArcGis format.