Caliper Data Analysis and Reporting


Our technicians provide infield reporting for quick accurate dent/ovality assessment and removal, ideal for new construction surveys. Other onsite reports include tool passage clearance within hours of receiving the data. This provides necessary information such as Minimum pipeline ID and bend radius information to confirm whether MFL and/or UT tools will safely negotiate  the pipeline.


Standard Field Reporting < 24hrs                                                Standard Final Reporting < 30 days

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MFL Data Analysis and Reporting


Our Inhouse data analysis team handles all of our Metal Loss data information and final reporting results. With 75+ years of Data analysis experience within our group, we have a passion to get you accurate results to improve pipeline safety. Our field technicians and data analysts conform to ANSI/ANST ILI-PQ-2017 of ILI personnel, qualification and certification requirements. 


Preliminary Report < 30 days                                                           Standard Final Report < 60 days                                                                                                          

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We have Caliper and IMU mapping inspection tools available ranging from 4" to 42".