The human element in achieving a high run success rate is critical. Dedication, thoroughness and ownership of the whole project will make or fail the inspection. Experienced and technically trained inspectors are a crucial element in a successful inspection. As the preparations for a run are very costly to all parties involved, a high degree of success depends on an intense joint effort between the various crews.

Our Vision.


As a group we have a passion for better technology, improved analysis results and a commitment to outstanding customer service.



We continue to improve our current technology while developing new technology and sizes. We have developed our software to improve reporting time frames, quality assurance on reports and custom reporting formats.



We aim for 100% first run success and working with our customers to ensure we get it right the first time. Getting accurate dig results in your hands quickly, to get the repairs done now.


We take pride in our work and try to be our harshest critic; we strive for perfection knowing there will be failures. Our experiences, lessons learned and push for continued improvement move us forward.



Company Profile.


GeoCorr was established in Houston, Texas by a group of passionate individuals. We've dedicated years of time and development  to offer our inline inspection technology and services.


We continue to build our team with experienced pipeline professionals and those focused on customer service and quality results.


Our Operations team has managed  over 2000+ Inline inspections, completed offshore, onshore, mainline integrity and new construction inspections in the United States and throughout the world.


While our Analysis team has processed thousands of miles of data year after year. With a combined 75+ years of experience to pull from to apply to everyday analysis and assessment.